10 New Laws of Customer Success

Almost 10 years ago, we released the 10 Laws of Customer Success.

At the time, we hoped to get people excited about Customer Success, build their own teams, and start to see what was possible in terms of growth and expansion.

We have now created the 10 NEW Laws of Customer Success. While the old laws are still important, today’s laws are more refined, more nuanced, and more applicable to today’s world. These laws go beyond what Customer Success means and dive into how to turn your Customer Success Operations into a growth driver for your business.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • The 10 New Laws of Customer Success, including how to operationalize your practices and get your entire organization enthusiastic about the possibilities.
  • How to drive growth, expansion, and increase your NRR with CS
  • Success stories from across industries who have successfully implemented the 10 New Laws
  • A Bonus 11th Law to help you carry out all your new strategies with a human-first approach.

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