10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar

Running a webinar is the best tool you have for driving leads and delivering content — as long as everything goes smoothly. Fortunately, you can ensure webinar success with a little
planning and 10 simple steps.

Whether you are delivering thought leadership, launching a new product, or conducting a live demo to bottom-of-the-funnel prospects, the process of planning a webinar is the same. Successful webinars call for an eight-week planning cycle involving 10 key steps. The process starts with an action plan, detailing your goals and defining the project. There are a lot of moving pieces, so you want to start planning a webinar early.

A solid action plan outlines who does what, so nothing gets overlooked. And don’t skimp on the documentation! Setting up a webinar where everything is in the participants’ heads is an invitation for trouble. In a shared document folder, write down the goals, topic, presenter, audience, format and other details. Not only will this help with planning and running a webinar that provides value, it will also ensure that if someone gets sick or drops out, your webinar can go on as planned. Getting the basics solidified early will also help you tackle details like audience engagement strategies and webinar promotion best practices later on.


  • Action plan for setting up a webinar
  • Marketing deliverables for driving registration and attendance
  • Key tasks for infrastructure setup
  • “Must haves” for the day you’re running a webinar

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