11 Key Questions to Ask of a BI Solution

Companies collect vast amounts of information about markets, customers, operations, and financial performance. Harnessing this information to drive better business results can have tremendous impact. However, these success stories are frustratingly few and far between. Traditional Business Intelligence (BI), long the only option, can be prohibitively costly and complex.

For companies without millions of dollars to invest, the options have been few and unattractive. This whitepaper first looks at the fundamental requirements that a BI solution should deliver to your company. Next, it covers the 11 Key Questions that you should be asking of a future BI technology partner. When your BI provider can answer Yes to all of these questions, you have BI that is capable of fulfilling your analytical and reporting needs both today and over time.

This paper presents:

  • The 4 foundational requirements of business insight
  • The 11 Key questions to ask of a BI solution
  • How to evaluate the major forms of BI

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