17 to 70: Managing a Multi-generational Workforce

Meeting the challenges and opportunities of today's new multi-generational workforce

Traditionalists. Baby Boomers, Generation X. Millennials. Generation Z. The complexities of managing a multigenerational workforce around the world today mean it’s clear that the demands facing today’s HR executives have never been greater.

To understand the unfolding challenges and opportunities, Sage People conducted a survey of 550 global HR professionals, from senior management to HR Director level.

We asked a variety of questions about their experience in today’s HR landscape, their expectations of the future and approach to managing a global workforce.

Included in the report:

  • Key findings: the pros and cons of a multi-generational workforce
  • Bridging the digital and demographic gaps
  • 5 most pressing challenges
  • Understanding a multi-generational workforce

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