2020 State of SOAR Report

Based on our new State of SOAR Report, 93% of SecOps teams say they’ll be making it a priority to increase automation in their incident response (IR) processes in the coming year. 

Attacks are definitely on the rise. In fact, 63% of organizations surveyed reported fighting off attacks originating from suspected nation-state actors. 

Analysts are floundering under manual IR processes and alert fatigue. As a result, security teams are increasingly turning to automation to fight automated attacks as well as improve their teams’ efficiency and effectiveness in stopping today’s stealthy, sophisticated threats. 

The State of SOAR Report, 2020, our fourth annual SOAR report, surveyed hundreds of security professionals in diverse roles at large organizations across a range of industries. We asked them about their organizations’ current IR practices and the state of security orchestration, automation and response. The resulting report includes insights such as: 


  • Key challenges and threats organizations are facing today 
  • What modern SecOps teams, processes and toolkits look like, and the limitless extensibility needed to support new use cases 
  • How mature SecOps teams use SOAR to overcome manual, fragmented and burdensome processes

Get your copy of the report and see how your security team can leverage SOAR to improve, automate and securely enable your SOC.

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