2022 Omnichannel and Fulfillment Benchmark Report: Stores Become Last Mile Staging Grounds as Retailers Pursue Convenience

While the pandemic is finally coming to an end, the way it forever altered shopper behavior remains clear: shoppers expect a seamless experience from site to store, and retailers are continuing to experiment with the best ways to deliver on this need.

However, as retailers adopt more channels, the complexity of managing operations grows. Shoppers don’t see a network of options — they simply expect their preferred shopping journey to be as quick and painless as possible.

Retailers are turning to a wide variety of strategies, from clever branding to smart third-party partnerships to high-tech fulfillment, in order to deliver on this demand. Retail TouchPoints surveyed top industry leaders to get a better understanding of how they’re achieving omnichannel excellence.

Check out the 2022 Omnichannel and Fulfillment Benchmark Report for answers to questions including:

  • How are retailers optimizing the usage of stores as fulfillment centers?
  • What are the top strategies for building out an omnichannel brand?
  • What are the biggest last mile challenges at the top of executives’ minds?

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