2022 State of ABM Report

Account-Based Strategies Continue Experiential Evolution

The continuous evolution of ABM is a unique challenge for marketers as they start to master some elements — such as having a handle on their ICP — but still struggle with others. Although ABM is out of its infancy, marketing teams are still dealing with its growing pains. 

The 2022 State of ABM report shares tips, best practices and use case examples of how more marketers are revolutionizing account-based experiences as they go to market. Download this year’s annual report to learn:

  • How marketing teams are evolving their experience-based strategies to increase relevance and personalization
  • The necessity of incorporating interactivity and experiential assets into account-targeting strategies to increase engagement
  • The increasing importance of leveraging signal/intent data to identify relevant assets and create trigger-based campaigns 
  • The most popular ABM campaign measurement metrics and how top practitioners are mapping accounts to sales/marketing and proving ROI, and
  • Top tools and solutions practitioners are using to de-anonymize and target in-market accounts.

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