2022 Zscaler ThreatLabz – State of Phishing Report

How to protect yourself from evolving phishing threats
In 2021, the number of phishing attacks increased by yet another 29% from the year before, led by security challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, remote workforce, and critical Log4j vulnerability. 
With phishing and its increasingly sophisticated techniques posing a massive risk to organizations, you need the right insights to ensure your security strategies are effective in mitigating such evolving techniques.  
The 2022 Zscaler ThreatLabz State of Phishing Report can help you to identify key trends, industry risks and emerging tactics to improve security protection, with findings and best practices that are based on analyses of over 200 billion daily transactions and 150 million daily blocked attacks from Zscaler cloud.
Download the report now for insights into:
  • 2021 top phishing targets by country, industry, and more
  • 20 common types of phishing attacks and 11 types of scams
  • The rise of phishing-as-a-service and other emerging vectors
  • Phishing predictions for 2022-2023
  • How to stop attackers with a zero trust strategy

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