3 Big Data Security Analytics Security Analytic Techniques You Can Apply

This technical white paper demonstrates how to use Big Data security analytics techniques to detect advanced persistent threat (APT) cyber attacks, and it shows how HP ArcSight—a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution from HP—applies these techniques to spot and stop attacks. 
APTs use a “low and slow” attack profile that is difficult to distinguish from legitimate activity. But by correlating massive amounts of data from multiple sources you can detect and stop them. The paper presents three techniques that you can apply to any IT environment:
1.    Detect account abuse by insiders and APTs.
2.    Identify data exfiltration by APTs.
3.    Identify and alert to new program execution.
For each technique, the paper presents an approach to detecting the situation and details the steps to implement the approach. Then it goes further to show how HP ArcSight does it. Applying these Big Data security analytics techniques can help you make your business safer by detecting attacks early, before significant damage is done.


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