3 Critical Advantages of the HPE + Veeam Solutions

As enterprises migrate to the hybrid cloud because of ever-expanding volumes of data and applications, legacy solutions just can’t keep up.

That’s because traditional storage hardware and data management systems weren’t designed for large amounts of data. The modern enterprise has data scattered across multiple locations (and clouds) that applications must be able to access anywhere, any time. Consequently, valuable data often remains hidden or gets overlooked, straining enterprise resources for complete and consistent oversight.

This can also have a negative impact on the bottom line. A recent survey by Aberdeen found that 80% of the time, business leaders make important decisions based on gut feelings versus decisions informed by hard data.

Scattered data also increases the risk of downtime. In a recent survey, Veeam® found that more than half (54%) of companies have experienced a loss of customer confidence as a result of downtime. And no wonder; nearly three-quarters (73%) of decision-makers surveyed said they couldn’t meet their customers’ expectations for uninterrupted access to data and applications.

Fortunately, cloud management solutions from Veeam and HPE can help enterprises meet their business challenges head-on by making data fully available across the enterprise while also protecting it from loss.

The benefits start with solving the availability challenge.

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