3 Steps for Building an SDoH Business Case

Social determinants of health (SDoH) data, which include information on a person’s income, education, neighborhood and other social factors, play a critical role in improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Research has shown that 80% to 90% of modifiable health-related behaviors such as the environment people live in, their income or education level, and other socioeconomic factors affect health while medical care accounts for only 10% to 20% of controllable contributors to healthy population outcomes.

The three steps outlined in this paper can help to provide a structure not only for building a business case by identifying estimated ROI, but also for helping you identify “quick win” projects to kick-start efforts, as well as help you to define metrics to illustrate success. Following defined steps can help you to avoid “paralysis by analysis.” The best way to make an impact is to get started and scale from smaller wins. You can then compile lessons learned and expand your initiatives for even greater cost savings and positive health outcomes.

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