451 Research: 10 Tech Trends Driving Transformation in 2022

While COVID-19 ushered in a world that few were expecting, uncertainties remain. Employee and client expectations of the corporate technology they use are changing massively, to the extent that all businesses need to raise their game to keep hold of and attract talent and customers. The bar of user experience is higher than ever, and the tolerance for anything other than seamless is rapidly waning. 

The use of multiple cloud venues to deliver modern applications in an increasingly coordinated fashion is now an expectation, and intelligent technology that can automate and predict requirements is moving to the core of the product and service experience. Doing all of this in a way that encompasses myriad endpoints in a secure fashion is now a monumental task that will challenge organizations in 2022, and further opens the door for innovation. 

The expert team at 451 Research looks forward to keeping you abreast of developments and requirements over the coming year. 

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