5 Tips for the Modern VDC Manager

Learn how VDC Managers can better define their roles within a construction organisation.

The job title “VDC Manager” has existed at construction organisations for nearly a decade, but many VDC Managers still find themselves fulfilling wildly different roles. Even today, it can be difficult for VDC Managers to develop a clearly defined set of responsibilities and get the resources they need to best support their organisation.

In this guide, we explore a few key questions facing modern VDC Managers, including:

  • How is the role of the VDC Manager adapting and expanding?
  • How can you enhance the level of product support you provide?
  • How can you advocate for, implement, and manage a VDC support team?
  • What are the best ways to source these supporting roles?
  • How can you streamline daily tasks and gain more time for innovation?

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