5th Edition Live-Cell Handbook: Assays to Capture Neuronal Cell Dynamics

The live-cell field is always evolving, and researchers need a way to stay up to date on new instruments, applications, assays and reagents. 

Researchers studying tumors, immune cells, neuronal cells or complex models, rely on the advanced capabilities of the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems and its suite of validated assays to monitor cells in real-time—and gain deeper insights about cell behavior and function. 

Get your copy of the latest Live-Cell Analysis Handbook, which includes dedicated chapters for different applications using our validated Incucyte® Live-Cell Assays. The 5th Edition Live-Cell Analysis Handbook carries over the digital upgrades from the previous edition, and features new kinetic assays for: 


  • Phagocytosis 
  • Organoid models 
  • Label-free cell analysis 

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