A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle

For everything there is a season, and that's true even when it comes to talent. The Talent Lifecycle is something we've been studying here for awhile at ClearCompany. You see we started as a simple ATS and as we worked with clients across the globe, we began to realize that hiring is dependent on so many other things. Having the right tools for instance, or crafting a good opening that aligned itself with business objectives. Of one thing we quickly became sure, recruiting and onboarding did not happen in a vacuum; these things are affected (and affect themselves) all other aspects of dealing with the workforce.

In this white paper, you'll see how we break the Talent Lifecycle down into stages; from the basic (finding the right tools and recruiting to fill a need) to the high-level engagement, succession planning and performance management. We even tackle the stages that so few people talk about; exit interviews, offboarding and real-talk about compensation. It's a complete and granular dive into each stage of the Talent Lifecycle.

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