A hip-to-hip comparison of two different post-op treatments, straight from the patient

Kurt H. is a competitive powerlifter with multiple wins under his belt – as well as hip problems that left him in need of surgery. After a conventional dressing (AQUACEL™ Ag) was used with his first hip replacement surgery, Kurt experienced a great deal of swelling and bruising, not just at the incision site but all down the back of his leg.

When it was time to replace the second hip, Kurt’s surgeon, Ronald M. Singer, M.D., recommended using the PICO™ Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (sNPWT) for post-surgical incision care. Dr. Singer’s experience with the PICO System had proven to help reduce surgical site complications, giving an extra measure of protection and helping patients progress more quickly toward wound healing.

And while the PICO System application process is simple, the difference it can make for patients is huge. Watch the video to get it straight from Kurt. 

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