A Proactive Approach to Incident Response

Incident response (IR) costs skyrocket every year as the number of breaches increase. Worse, most industry professionals agree that it's not a matter of if but when a compromise will occur for any organization of suitable size or value, which means IR costs will only continue to rise. Whether it's paying for credit monitoring or credit card reissue, these activities are expensive. They are also brand damaging. Nobody wants to be remembered as the next “largest breach to date.”

Any incident response has two components that drive overall cost:

  •     How long does it take to detect the intrusion after the attackers first gain access?
  •     Once detected, how quickly can the incident be remediated?

Finding a solution that addresses both questions with satisfactory answers is the job of any organization that cares about saving costs and protecting data. Download this whitepaper to learn how to find the best solution and take a proactive approach to IR.

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