Accelerating Discoveries for Viral Biology and Host Immunity with Advanced Cell Analysis Solutions

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, virology studies have captured the attention of both scientists and the public. This is accompanied by an urgent need to characterize viral biology and the host immune response for the identification of therapeutics and development of vaccines. 

This whitepaper examines how executing a rapid, effective response to emergent pathogens requires the use of experimental approaches that are high throughput, yet properly balanced with thorough analysis for scientific rigor, leading to reproducible results. 

Download the whitepaper to learn more about::


  • The use of advanced cell analysis to provide new insights on viral biology and host immune responses throughout the host-pathogen lifecycle 
  • How the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System and iQue® 3 Advanced High-Throughput Flow Cytometry improve the efficiency of the complex virology study process 

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