Achieving Straight-Through Processing with Electronic Signature

Enterprises require extensive documentation and security for every transaction. This makes straight-through processing an ideal and effective way to manage a larger volume of documentation to accelerate transaction cycle times, reduce costs and create a better client experience. However, for many business transactions, the signature process—the step which makes the transaction legally binding—is still conducted via pen and paper, making straight-through processing a myth.

That is, until the advent of legally binding electronic signatures. eSignature technology, makes it possible to complete the documents for loans, new account openings, order management, compliance and more—all online without pen and paper. In addition, such technology can integrate with little to no customization with many financial systems and software, including CRM and ERP systems.

This Paper Explores

  • The role electronic signature technology plays in straight-through processing
  • The benefits of eSignatures
  • Important criteria to consider when selecting an electronic signature solution

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