Ambushed by Data

Security executives acknowledge that breaches are bigger and more dangerous than ever, but many still cannot sort out the intelligence and log data they have.

Market Focus Ambushed by Data Survey

Download this paper to learn about the results from a survey that asked participants about the level of expertise within their security team and the state of their company’s overall security. Questions addressed in this survey include:

  • How does your staff maintain their security expertise or qualifications?
  • How do you measure your ongoing security posture?
  • What kind of tools and data are you using to conduct network security?

In addition to learning about the findings of the survey, this report also offers insights provided by various experts in security, who share their perspectives on the challenges within security and some ways to overcome them.

This survey was based on 233 responses from a broad cross-section of company sizes and revenues and eight industry verticals.

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