Amplify Healthcare: Connectivity, Innovation, and The Future of Care Delivery

There is a technological revolution underway in healthcare. Remote monitoring devices, consumer wearables, and telehealth — technologies that have been adopted at an accelerated pace over the course of the pandemic — are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a wealth of innovation bubbling up just beneath the surface of the industry as R&D departments advance products and solutions designed to create smarter, more connected experiences for patients and providers. Technologies like VR and AR can improve the patient experience, while expanding remote monitoring to consumer wearables will create the connectivity needed to ensure proactive preventive care. To bring these products to market, this tech revolution needs a low latency, high-capacity catalyst: 5G.

This whitepaper delves into how 5G, when supplemented with a fleet of networking solutions, is bolstering connectivity in R&D and amplifying innovation in healthcare.

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