An IT Leader’s Guide to Application Modernization: Customer stories and successes

Organizations in every industry are prioritizing digital transformation to enhance their business agility, profitability, and competitive posture. Yet many companies’ core systems are difficult to enhance or update, or they’re completely outdated, which drives up the costs and risks associated with delivering mission-critical innovations.

However, there is an option that can streamline and circumvent barriers to execution: taking a managed-risk approach to modernization. This strategy allows companies to build and deploy new and updated capabilities at a lower cost, with faster time to value and lower effort than traditional methods. Depending on their needs and current technology, companies can use a best-in-class low-code development platform to extend legacy applications with new UIs or user journeys, refactor current applications to composable components, or rebuild core systems from the ground up faster than using traditional tooling or COTS applications.

Need proof? We thought you’d never ask. Read on for examples of organizations that have successfully modernized their legacy systems by extending, refactoring, or rebuilding them using a low-code development platform. 

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