Why Decouple the AI/ML Pipeline for Analytics at Speed and Scale

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are often hindered from achieving optimal ROI due to data standardisation problems rooted in inefficient, non-optimised processes. 

That’s why Teradata developed its Analytics 123 strategy to help both businesses and analytics leaders establish a straightforward roadmap that creates robust, efficient and easily deployed processes that enable AI/ML projects to live up to their promise and deliver real business value.

Read this white paper to discover how:

  • The Analytics 123 approach decouples the different elements of the analytics process and ensures appropriate weight is given to each.
  • To reuse, document and catalogue engineering features in an Enterprise Feature Store to reduce duplication and increase efficiency and consistency.
  • Trained models that are easily ingested back into the enterprise can free data scientists to use any tool or language most suited for the modelling task. 

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