Analytics: The Upside of Disruption

Powerful disruptions have occurred within the global marketplace. Long-standing business practices and interactions Рparticularly between the business and IT functions Рhave fundamentally changed.  Among these are:

  • Disruption 1: A digitized ecosystem is crucial for business success and this ecosystem requires ever-expanding information access
  • Disruption 2: The upsurge of big data and analytics technology has been rapid and radical, vastly improving how data yields information
  • Disruption 3: Organizations that deploy the right skills can leverage analytics to know instead of merely to speculate

In this, our seventh annual IBM Institute for Business Value analytics global study, we find that organizations around the globe have intensified their adoption of big data and analytics technologies. Driven by these market disruptions, they operate in new ways. This research, based on more than 1200 global respondents, benchmarks how organizations are responding to these disruptions, and provides strategic direction on the actions organizations should take today.

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