API Management in a Cloud-Native World

The cloud native architecture has enabled organisations to design and deploy hundreds to thousands of solutions across the world. However, API management in a cloud native world is not without its challenges. 

In this whitepaper, we:

  • Review some challenges facing API Management in a cloud native world
  • Examine techniques for overcoming these challenges
  • Provide critical insights that will help with the rollout of an API management solution within your organization.

The 5 key challenges to cloud native API management:

  1. Multiple architectural styles with differing API management needs.
  2. New API styles beyond REST are emerging.
  3. Introducing Kubernetes and multi-cloud to manage API traffic.
  4. The growth of API portfolios and API governance to address the needs of customers, partners, and workforce automation.
  5. Limiting and filtering API data to prevent unauthorised access

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