Be Future Ready with a Software-driven, automated and Intelligent Network

Cities of the future will use AI, Big Data, Edge Computing, 5G and IoT to enhance all aspects of life. Traffic, healthcare, security and waste management are some areas that will be automated.

For critical functions to run smoothly, they need to be supported by an ultra-responsive, resilient and intelligent network, capable of solving problems even before they occur.

That is why SPTel, an ST Engineering and SP Group JV, is introducing nation’s first end-to-end software defined network with edge cloud capabilities that enables customers greater visibility and control over performance. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it can detect network disruptions to automatically re-route traffic for uninterrupted connectivity and maximum uptime.

This intelligent network is built on a physically diverse fibre infrastructure, designed to be more reliable and resilient, which are different from current telco incumbents.

Discover how SPTel can help you to be ready for future of connectivity.

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