Better capacity at lower costs at Assan Foods

Thanks to new mixing technology from Tetra Pak, Turkish Assan Foods has increased its production capacity of mayonnaise and other condiment sauces and reduced its operating costs​​.​​

As one of Turkey’s most modern food manufacturers, Assan Foods is always on the lookout for new and advanced technologies. Its production site in Susurluk is highly automated and robotized, but it doesn’t​ stop the company from continuously investigating how to further increase capacity, improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

In 2019 their production team attended a mayonnaise seminar in which Tetra Pak experts shared their insights on how to make the perfect mayonnaise, demonstrating it in a very practical, hands-on way with the help of a Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer.

“The results were very impressive, so we decided to rent a test mixer from Tetra Pak,” says Burak Bilgin, Operations Director. “We started to use the mixer for our highest-volume mayonnaise. Later, we shifted all of our bucket mayonnaise products from our current mixer to the unit from Tetra Pak”.​​

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