Beyond Observability: The Hidden Value of Log Analytics

Looking for a better solution to: 

  • Comply with internal policies and external regulations
  • Detect and investigate security threats with full observability
  • More efficiently troubleshoot systems, computers, applications or networks

…but you don’t want to break the bank? 

Let’s explore the hidden value of log analytics that may already exist in your cloud data lake.

Many organizations, whether running on-premises or cloud-native architectures, store their application log data for a set retention window and then archive the rest in cold, long-term storage where it’s difficult to regularly access for analytics. In fact, some organizations might retain their logs for just a few days, depending on the minimum windows dictated by local or industry-specific compliance regulations. Either that, or they’re overpaying for costly storage, search and analytics options. For example, ELK stack costs can quickly spiral out of control due to the distributed architecture in which data is partitioned and stored. This can negatively affect your system’s performance and health.

Go beyond observability and gather insights from your logs without paying outrageous storage costs. In this eBook, we’ll show you how.

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