Budgeting for Growth: The New Terrain of Data-Inspired Finance

Since when did budgeting become a process that companies dread? Just say the word “budget,” and you’ll elicit at least a few groans or eyerolls from teams outside of finance. It’s daunting: the weight of the next few years rests on a couple of forecasts, financial projections and line-item lists. As a result, cross-functional teams are under a lot of stress to ensure that their cases and arguments are heard. In some ways, the budgeting process almost feels combative.

The solution? Implement a data-inspired process that supports cross-functional growth.

The CFO doesn’t need to keep operating as the ‘bad guy’ (or gal). In this guide, we’ll walk you through practitioner-vetted, battle tested techniques for navigating uncertainty, risk-taking and supporting opportunities that are important to growth initiatives but often unplanned.

Download the whitepaper to:

  • Get tips for bringing data into the budgeting process
  • Review use cases for non-financial metrics
  • Understand finance’s role in guiding the growth trajectory

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