Build A Developer Security Champions Program

Developers know how to build applications. But they need the tools and insights to build them securely. With software vulnerabilities one of the main causes of external breaches, the need to connect the worlds of development and security is more urgent than ever. 

One of the best ways to bridge this gap is by creating a security-conscious dev team, appointing Developer Security Champions to act as a point of contact throughout the secure software development lifecycle.

In outlining the five steps towards creating a Developer Security Champions program, this complimentary Forrester report provides answers to the following questions:

  • Why should developers care about application security?
  • What’s a Developer Security Champion?
  • How can I easily identify, train, and support Security Champions within my business?
  • How can I foster long-term working relationships between the security and development teams?
  • In what way do Security Champions drive long-term success and enable secure software development.

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