Building trust and confidence in audit and risk functions

Unpredictability is here to stay. From unprecedented social restrictions to rapidly changing economic and political landscapes, assessing risk has never been more difficult.

To help businesses take on the challenges of this uncertain world, internal audit (EY VIA) functions need to transition to a digital-first approach that meets the needs of a hybrid work structure. But before they can do that, they need to find an approach that retains organisational trust as they evolve. As new technologies emerge it brings opportunity, but also presents more complex risks. Stakeholders need to feel secure whilst implementing much needed enhancements across their VIA functions.

Here’s how EY Virtual Internal Auditor (EY VIA) can put the user first and deliver a customer-centric experience for corporate teams, positioning VIA as a value- driven, user-focused service that helps your internal customers do what they need to do faster – and with more confidence.

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