Cloud Native Go: Building Reliable Services in Unreliable Environments

O’Reilly’s Cloud Native Go provides developers with a comprehensive overview of the Go programming language and its unique properties that make it an optimal for building, deploying, and managing services distributed across ten, one hundred, or even a thousand servers.

Read the 3 free chapters to learn:

  • Chapter 5: Building a Cloud Native Service – An iterative, practical walkthrough of constructing a basic (but fully featured) key-value store.
  • Chapter 6: It’s All About Dependability – Explore essential concepts like fault tolerance and prevention for building resilient apps.
  • Chapter 7: Scalability – Best practices, plus approaches to troubleshooting typical challenges you encounter at cloud scale.

Download the excerpt courtesy of Cockroach Labs for hands-on guidance to start building resilient, cost-effective, cloud-native applications today.

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