Cloud: The Essential Buyer’s Guide

When evaluating cloud solutions, how do you determine which one will best meet your requirements? Whether your business is a startup developing cloud-native applications or a mature organization looking to adopt cloud while leveraging legacy infrastructure, cloud can offer benefits in terms of performance, scalability and efficiency.

An understanding of your use case requirements, along with research and planning, will help avoid some common cloud mistakes. Many organizations experience problems with scale, performance, cost control, vendor lock-in and unsuccessful cloud migrations. By considering your current and future needs, your cloud solution can effectively evolve to support the changing needs of your business.

The key considerations outlined in this white paper can help avoid pain points, and provide guidance for decision makers through the process of evaluating different cloud options. While there are many different types of cloud delivery models, this white paper will focus on public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), including virtual and bare-metal cloud solutions.

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