CMMC: A practical guide to defining roles and responsibilities

Who owns CMMC compliance expectations within your organization?

Cybersecurity can seem overwhelmingly complex, but it is crucial to protecting your organization’s information. Add that to the pressure of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) supply chain security mandate, and it's no wonder that scores of the DOD’s more than 300,000 contractors lag behind in meeting the stringent requirements of the latest Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework. In essence, the new framework poses a significant hurdle for companies seeking to provide goods and services to the DOD.

So, you’re ready to square up against the CMMC and take your cybersecurity defenses up a notch. But where to begin? This CMMC roles and responsibilities guide maps out a three-phase approach to navigating your CMMC compliance journey that answers key questions, including:

  • What CMMC compliance activities is your organization responsible for?
  • Who in your organization holds the functional responsibility?
  • When should these activities be completed?
  • How should your organization best fulfill its CMMC compliance expectations?

Download this practical guide to defining your organizational roles and responsibilities so you can properly manage your CMMC expectations.

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