Compliance In The Age of Digital Collaboration

The nature of work was already going through a structural shift when a pandemic gripped the world in 2020. More people are working remotely. Far-flung teams work together across geographies and time zones. And your users—eager to fill in the gaps between email and on-site interaction—are finding new ways to collaborate. 

While the global health crisis has accelerated those changes, many are likely to persist long after employees make their way back to the office. 

Whether they cluster on-premises or interact virtually as part of a distributed team, your people rely on a growing number of digital channels. Some, such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams are sanctioned and managed internally. Others, such as social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, face outward and may be even trickier to manage. 

Organizations are struggling to keep up. The sheer volume of content and ever-changing regulations are creating new challenges for compliance and record keeping. 

This e-book explains how to adapt to the changing business landscape. It explores the challenges of capturing and managing a growing volume and diversity of business communications. And it lays out a roadmap for solving today's thorniest compliance challenges. 

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