Connect and Protect with IBM MQ V9.1

With the adoption of cloud and the rise of digital, the way leaders run their businesses is rapidly changing. The explosion in connectivity within businesses and their partners, combined with the growth of IoT and mobile, is driving business leaders to explore new opportunities. At the same time, born-on-the-cloud initiatives are also challenging traditional ways of working. Cloud deployments and cloud usage models are affecting all businesses whether they are moving some, all, or none of their workloads to public cloud environments.

As well as deploying on multiple clouds, organizations are increasingly adopting a hybrid cloud model as a way of taking advantage of cloud benefits, whilst maximizing on-premises investments. Whilst the cloud promises agility, scalability, and flexibility, on-premises deployment offers security, reliability, compliance, and access to specific systems that cloud applications might not yet reach, as well as ensuring data is retained and controlled within a specific environment and location. 

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