Connected Automobiles Require Trust

Today, automobiles, trucks and vehicles do much more than their intended use of transportation. From infotainment systems to operational sensors to mobile app integrations, the automobile has become a modern technology hub. But with each connected innovation, the risk of breaches and cyberattacks increases.

Cars have up to 150 electronic control units and 100 million lines of code. By the year 2030, many observers expect them to have roughly 300 million lines of software code. In comparison, mass-market personal computer software has close to 40 million.

That’s where UL helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive component and system manufacturers test and verify security certification compliance. Through expert gap analysis, advisory services, cybersecurity and interoperability testing, and more, we aid in building trustworthy connectivity and achieving faster approvals, which can lead to improved market access across the globe.

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