Consent At Scale: Futureproof Your HCP Marketing

With technology giants making rapid changes in their approach to data privacy and an evolving legislative landscape, healthcare marketers face the risk of severe set backs to their programs. Without aggressive, proactive measures, the progress of the industry may render your digital marketing efforts obsolete. Today, leading healthcare marketers are addressing these challenges by evolving their permission-based marketing using a Consent At Scale strategy.

Healthcare marketing is changing as a direct result of additional data privacy regulations and shifts in technology. Marketers are being hit with a one-two punch, first from legislators passing laws to strengthen consumer privacy and, second, from private sector companies making fundamental changes to digital technologies in an effort to strengthen data privacy.

In most cases, politicians and business leaders are undertaking these initiatives in response to consumer demands for greater privacy and control over one’s data. For healthcare marketers, it adds up to an environment that is increasingly challenging to navigate. Because the healthcare industry now requires their marketing identity data be collected with consent (i.e., opt-in), there is a clear need to evolve into a Consent At Scale strategy.

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