Converged Infrastructure Systems Comparative Assessment: VCE vs. HPE

The importance of IT has never been greater. Companies are transforming their business models with digital technologies, leveraging emerging mobile and social platforms, and increasingly operating online. All of these developments are powered by IT innovation, while IT departments face challenges meeting the increasing demands of the business. Complexity in the data center has soared, causing IT administrative costs to skyrocket. For IT managers facing skyrocketing administrative costs on one side and demands from business leaders to accelerate innovation on the other, traditional approaches to designing, deploying, managing, and maintaining infrastructure are not sustainable. VCE and HPE were among the first vendors to introduce converged infrastructure in order to address the data center infrastructure dilemma, but with different approaches. HP developed systems that appear to be converged infrastructure on the surface, with very little progress in key areas such as coordination of patch releases and upgrades. In contrast, EMC Converged Infrastructure from VCE is purpose built to simplify purchasing and setup, while reducing cost and complexity throughout the data center. Download this white paper for a detailed comparison of converged infrastructure systems from VCE and HPE.

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