Creating the Virtuous Cycle with Headless, Hybrid, and Low Code

Building web applications often inspires discussions about hybrid versus headless architectures, or unified versus decoupled applications. Popular trends and frameworks usually drive planning. However, while these decisions are important, there is a much more important understanding that must come first.

This report outlines the primary guidelines and patterns you need for building modern web applications, including when and where to apply technologies involved in the process. Author Ronald Northcutt helps software architects, developers, and IT leaders understand the underlying cycles at play, including how to evaluate solutions available today and in the future. 

What’s covered:

  • The “software crisis” and how to overcome it
  • Component-based design and what you need to apply it
  • Primary guidelines for creating the virtuous cycle in your projects
  • Balancing the inverse relationship between DX and UX in your application

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