Designing Solutions on Zero Trust Architectures and Cyber Resilience Strategies

Your customers rely on you, as a solution builder, to help keep their data secure and their business processes running in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape. By some estimates, the frequency of cyber-attacks is increasing 50 percent year-over-year1. That’s why you need to supply your customers with products and systems that include high levels of layered security and cyber resilience.


And it all starts with selecting your technology provider.


Dell Technologies OEM Solutions and Intel® offer a broad portfolio of cyber-resilient technologies to meet the needs of a wide variety of use cases across 40+ verticals. The product portfolio includes servers and clients, storage and data protection appliances, networking and HCI, and solutions for the edge. Dell Technologies OEM Solutions can enable you with off-the-shelf products, OEM-ready platforms and fully customized solutions.


Cyber resilience is top of mind at every stage of Dell’s product development, deployment and maintenance. And Dell’s secure supply chain ensures that your customers receive the correct, untampered versions of the hardware, firmware and software that your solutions call for.  


Dell Technologies OEM Solutions is a partner you can trust to help you design and deliver solutions built on trusted infrastructure powered by the latest Intel® technology and Zero Trust principles to drive business growth for your organization and for the customers you serve.


1Check Point Software Technologies. “Businesses Suffered 50% More Cyberattack Attempts per Week in 2021.” Cyber Security Intelligence. January 2022. 


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