DNS Firewall eBook: Using DNS to Combat Ransomware

One of the most prominent cyber-extortion tools at attackers' disposal – ransomware – is gaining momentum as one of the most feared malware types tracked by enterprise security teams. Ransomware is malicious software designed to infect a vulnerable computer system and encrypt its files, effectively halting productivity and leaving the victim with little recourse but to meet the attacker's demands. Critical to the success of ransomware campaigns is communication with command-and-control (C&C) centers for encryption and even potential exfiltration of “hostage” data. However, this reliance upon communication may end up being the weakness of this rampant malware threat. 

This free e-book outlines how ransomware utilizes the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol for its nefarious purposes, and how you can use DNS-based solutions to protect your network. Download our free ebook for recommendations on how to use DNS in a layered approach to stop this threat in its tracks.

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