eBook – Migrating from a Legacy MDM: Five Pitfalls to Avoid When Upgrading

Maximizing your digital ecosystem investment requires unifying and standardizing all siloed data. To maintain high-quality data, most legacy MDM solutions will need upgrades which require a considerable amount of cost and investment.  

Product comparisons are important to make when comparing performance features between MDM or EMPI vendors– such as data-stewardship, the user experience, and on-prem vs cloud-based — migration is a challenging task as well. Download our ebook “Migrating from a legacy MDM: five pitfalls to avoid when upgrading” to learn more. 

This ebook delves into the five pitfalls to watch out for when upgrading your legacy MDM, including:

  1. The expertise of your implementation team 
  2. Technology
  3. Legacy Data 
  4. Implementation
  5. Continued Support   

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