eBook The Power to Innovate: How to Maximize Digital Transformation

While every organization approaches digital transformation as a way to upgrade technology, forward-thinking organizations use digital transformation to focus on creating a better customer experience, empowering employees and facilitating innovation. 

Digital leaders—those with digital ingrained in their DNA-have a distinct advantage over leaders who have no digital plans or limited initiatives when it comes to successfully accelerating key transformational programs. These leaders focus on the core initiatives that drive the most business value-and they have seen results. 

Seventy percent of digital leaders say they have been successful at strengthening their cybersecurity, compared to just 21% of less mature organizations. They have a similar advantage across other top digital transformation priorities, such as rolling out broader remote working capabilities (63% vs. 52%) and transforming services and consumption models (61% vs. 10%). Subsequently, these organizations are able to realize twice the revenue and operating profits compared to peers who have yet to digitally transform their operations.

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