Ecommerce Personalization: 2023 Trends

Personalization is a critical part of any ecommerce business strategy, to maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction. The ability to deliver customized experiences to users has proven to be a successful method for ecommerce in increasing brand loyalty, conversions and sales.

But personalization is changing. During the 2010s, ecommerce personalization took full force. Third-party cookies enabled retailers to put people in groups based on their demographics. However, with the imminent demise of third-party data (or cookies) and increased public scrutiny on data privacy, many businesses are reevaluating their approach to personalization.

Discover the top trends in personalization for 2023 that ecommerce businesses will be considering as part of their strategy in the immediate future. You’ll learn:

  • How first-party data will be used in new ways;
  • Why omnichannel personalization will become crucial;
  • How users’ onsite behavior will improve archaic forms of personalization;
  • Why quick discoverability of new items will take precedence; and
  • Ways to leverage personalization to manage your inventory.

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