Efficient hotels in unprecedented times

In early 2020, buildings around the world transitioned from full occupancy to low occupancy in a matter of days. From office buildings to hotels to retail spaces, there are countless numbers of nearly empty buildings across the globe, including a substantial amount of hotel rooms. 

Of course, securing the safety and health of your hotel’s occupants is the top priority. But once that is done, what comes next? We’ve been in touch with numerous customers and partners around the world, and there are a few key questions hotel operators and managers are trying to answer: 

  • How can I make sure my hotel operates efficiently during low occupancy?
  • What systems should I focus on adjusting during low occupancy? • How can I make sure my hotel will return properly to normal operations in the future?
  • What should I be mindful about when returning to occupied status? 

This guide offers answers to these questions, laying out best practices on energy efficiency, safety, reliability and preparedness for return to occupancy.

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