Employees are choosing How They Work

Work has changed and it will again. Employees are redefining the workplace like never before and such attitudes are profoundly changing the role of the IT function within organizations worldwide. IT teams are very aware of this growing responsibility. Analysis by Gartner predicts that “by 2025, more than 50% of IT organizations will use digital employee experience to prioritise and measure digital initiative success, which is a significant increase from fewer than 5% in 2021”.

There is a clear shift towards placing the distinct digital needs of employees at the heart of digital strategy with IT as the engine for creating new business opportunity as the workplace evolves today and will continue to do so tomorrow.

In this paper, Dell Technologies and their partners from Intel look at the key challenges and opportunities emerging from the changing workplace. They define best IT leadership practices that will ensure employees can work, collaborate and innovate securely and productively from anywhere and most importantly accelerate the business towards it’s goal.

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