Empowering Store Associates: How Culture and Technology Can Unleash Workers’ Full Potential

The frontline is more important to retailers than ever, from handling in-person customer service needs to managing omnichannel operations such as pickups and returns. As a result, retailers need to balance personal, financial and technological benefits if they want to attract and retain top talent.

The modern store employee needs to be a highly skilled specialist, with advanced tools and training that reflect the increasingly complex roles they play. Companies also need to offer attractive incentives to bring in the right recruits in today’s competitive labor environment.
This report includes diverse strategies for attracting and retaining associates, including:

  • Driving recruitment and retention by making associate positions the start of a career;
  • Enabling training and upskilling to help build loyalty over time;
  • Integrating mobile tools into the workday to enable great cross-channel customer experiences; and
  • Utilizing technology to streamline operations, from automation to communication.

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