Endpoint Threat Detection – Detect Attacks in Real-time Without Relying on Signatures

For enterprises, it's no longer a matter of if they will be breached, but a matter of when. Many organizations, in preparation for this, have focused on hardening their perimeter or deploying prevention solutions on their endpoints to minimize their overall attack surface. Although these are an essential part of a defense-in-depth security posture and strategy, being able to expand your ability to detect attacks beyond the moment of compromise has become another critical component to a healthy security posture. Many detection solutions lack critical components to effectively detect attacks in motion. 

Because of this, detection solutions for many enterprises can be bypassed at will. Carbon Black, as part of the overall Bit9 + Carbon Black solution, leverages its “always-on” endpoint sensor, along with the Bit9 + Carbon Black Threat Intelligence Cloud, and customizable watchlists to expand detection beyond the moment of compromise by detecting attacks in real time without relying on signatures.

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