Engage, Retain and Grow: A SaaS Marketer’s Guide to Expert Communities

B2B SaaS marketing is unlike any other. Complex products which need specialized knowledge to understand, let alone use. Products that are intangible, constantly evolving, in an increasingly saturated market.
It is the marketer’s job to deliver this specialized knowledge with prospects, and customers. But existing channels are making it harder and more expensive to reach people.

In our new eBook: ‘Engage, Retain & Grow: A SaaS Marketer’s Guide to Expert Communities’ we address the major pain points affecting B2B SaaS marketing today and offer the solution: an expert community.
Expert communities bring together intelligence and community, to allow members to learn, share knowledge and collaborate with their peers, as well as your experts. They make customers better at using your product, and achieving their own goals.

Over the course of this eBook, we will take a closer look at the power of expert communities to:

  • Customer Engagement: increase engagement with your audience, leading them to participation.
  • Retention: deepen mid to end of funnel nurture, increasing conversion in the marketing funnel.
  • Growth: an evergreen growth strategy that will help you reduce cost per acquisition (CAC) and potentially increase lifetime value (LTV)

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